Snap-On Smile® Elk Grove, CA

The affordable and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile!

Snap-On Smile is an affordable, non-invasive and completely reversible, cosmetic removable arch that can easily and painlessly give you a beautiful smile.

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile®Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile. It was invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over.

After years of extensive research and development, Dr. Wallace J. Bellamy can now provide you with a Snap-On Smile that is thin and strong with the look of natural teeth. You can eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile. It’s easy to care for and can be a temporary or long-term provisional cosmetic solution. It’s available for upper and lower teeth.

Snap-On Smile® appliance

Fits right over your own teeth!

Snap-On Smile’s unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resin make it very thin yet extremely strong. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile—even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth.

The results can be life-changing.

And for many people, Snap-On Smile can be life-changing. It gives back the confidence to smile. Thousands of people worldwide have already experienced the unique benefits of Snap-On Smile.

Works for just about everyone.

Snap-On Smile is an affordable and life-changing solution for people of all ages. Getting a Snap-On Smile simply requires two, short, painless visits with no drilling, no shots and no change in tooth structure. Snap-On Smile can address many common dental concerns, including:

  • Gaps, crooked, stained or missing teeth
  • Those who are not candidates for bridges or dental implants
  • Anyone who would like a Hollywood smile without the expense and discomfort of complex and invasive dental procedures
  • Anyone who has an old-fashioned, removable partial denture and wants a beautiful, more comfortable alternative

Before & After Photos

Case 01 - Before


Case 01 - After



“I’ve always wanted to have a really great smile. I have friends that have really great smiles and you see them and you wish you had that perfect smile but the cost of veneers is just way more than I can afford. The Snap-On Smile is extremely affordable and it’s a really quick great option for a perfect smile. I love my Snap-On Smile.” — Stacy P.
“It feels like you can go out into a crowd and be able to be yourself, and talk, and not be so self-conscious of not having your teeth. It really has given me a lot more confidence being able to smile and have nice teeth.” — Sharon B.
“I feel like people take me more seriously now that I have nice teeth. Really it does make a difference. And I feel since having a Snap-On Smile, I am not afraid to stick my hand out and meet someone or just talk to a total stranger. It makes me feel really good and confident. That’s the keyword: confidence.” — Maya C.


Dr. Bellamy has provided a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Snap-On Smile product, process, concerns, homecare and maintenance.

The procedure is completely painless. All the dentist needs to do is take an impression of your teeth. It requires no shots, no drilling and no removal of your natural tooth structure.
There will be a temporary adjustment period as you get used to having something new in your mouth. This is very common and most people report that their speech is back to normal within 2 weeks. Wearing the Snap-On Smile all day will allow you to return to your normal speech much quicker.
Snap-On Smile will not damage your natural teeth. Simply follow the use and care instructions.
Snap-On Smile does not stain easily, but just like your natural teeth, certain products such as coffee, wine or soda can cause staining. Your Snap-On Smile comes with a cleaning kit to help you maintain its wonderful appearance.
There is a cleaning solution for your Snap-On Smile included when you first receive your Snap-On Smile. Refills are available through your dentist and instructions are printed on the back of the bottle.
It is not recommended that you chew gum or eat sticky foods with your Snap-On Smile, however, you can eat and drink most food and beverages with it in as you normally would.
Does Snap-On Smile only cover my front teeth, both top, and bottom? Snap-On Smile is designed to cover your entire upper arch or bottom arch. You will work with Dr. Bellamy to finalize the best smile make-over for you.
Snap-On Smile is removable and simply snaps in and snaps out. It is held in place by your natural teeth and does not require adhesives or glue, of any kind.
People of all ages are using Snap-on Smile. If you are concerned about age requirements, please discuss this with Dr. Bellamy.
A special cleaning solution is supplied when you first receive your Snap-On Smile. Refills are available and can be reordered, just contact our office.
The Snap-On Smile appliance is expected to last several years with proper care. This is the same length of time as other removable appliances such as partial dentures, bruxism guards, or night guards.
Yes, Snap-on Smile works for those with sensitive teeth.
Snap-On Smile is an ideal solution for people with missing teeth. Only Dr. Bellamy can determine if Snap-On Smile will work for your specific case.
Snap-On Smile is for cosmetic application. Generally, cosmetic dental appliances are not covered by dental insurance. You may want to discuss your specific insurance policy with our office and your insurance provider.
Snap-On Smile can be used as a short or long-term provisional solution, but it is ultimately based on your specific treatment protocol that is recommended by Dr. Bellamy.
Yes, Snap-On Smile comes with a 12-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Please contact our office to purchase an extended warranty.
During your first appointment, Dr. Bellamy will determine if you are a candidate and, if you are, they will make an impression of your existing teeth. In a few weeks, your new Snap-On Smile will be ready, and you go for your second brief appointment. You simply pop it in after a few minor adjustments that Dr. Bellamy will make, you will be able to wear your Snap-On Smile home!
A dentist must determine that you are a candidate for Snap-On Smile in order for you to get a Snap-On Smile. If you don’t have a dentist, simply schedule an appointment at our Elk Grove dental office, we’re always accepting new patients.
Snap-On Smile is an esthetic, cosmetic removable dental appliance that is custom-made for your smile. The process is so easy. First, you schedule an initial appointment with Fountain Plaza Family Dental and Dr. Bellamy. Next Dr. Bellamy will decide if you are a candidate and, if so, take an impression of your teeth. At your 2nd appointment, a few weeks later, you will receive your new Snap-On Smile and Dr. Bellamy will ensure proper fit and placement and makes any adjustments needed — you’ll actually walk out wearing your beautiful new smile.
After a brief consultation at our Elk Grove dental office, Dr. Bellamy will determine if you are a good candidate for Snap-On Smile, then take impressions of your teeth. You choose from different smile shapes and shades for your Snap-On Smile. In a few weeks, the exclusive lab at Snap-On Smile will create and send Dr. Bellamy your new appliance for final insertion and fitting. Snap it in and wear it home.