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11 05, 2021

Know Your Teeth, Inside and Out!

By |2020-12-30T19:45:10-08:00May 11th, 2021|Patient Education|Comments Off on Know Your Teeth, Inside and Out!

Learn Your Tooth Anatomy, Shape, and Function Teeth differ in shape depending on their function & position in the mouth. On the inside, however, they all share the same basic anatomy. Parts of a Tooth Crown: the visible, chewing portion of the tooth. Root: the portion of the tooth hidden by the gums, it anchors [...]

6 04, 2021

Do You Have Dental Insurance?

By |2020-12-30T19:31:49-08:00April 6th, 2021|Patient Education|Comments Off on Do You Have Dental Insurance?

Get to Know Your Insurance Plan! And call us if you have any questions. Dental insurance comes in many varieties, so every patient should examine their contract, read all the terms carefully, and see how it shapes up! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our office at (916) 683-3011. What to [...]

23 02, 2021

Adult Fluoride Treatments

By |2020-11-08T14:08:32-08:00February 23rd, 2021|Patient Education|Comments Off on Adult Fluoride Treatments

Topical Fluoride Treatments in Elk Grove, CA No matter your age, fluoride helps prevent cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Fluoride helps create healthy teeth, and it's not just for kids—adults need fluoride too! Every day, acidic foods and drinks threaten to erode tooth enamel. Bacteria as well, can produce acid and dissolve the enamel [...]

8 12, 2020

Been Awhile Since Your Checkup?

By |2020-11-08T13:37:26-08:00December 8th, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Been Awhile Since Your Checkup?

Alert Us to Changes Any changes in your health should be discussed with your dentist. Whether you're a new patient visiting us for the first time, or a returning patient and it's been a while since your last checkup, it's important to update us on any changes. Dental care is just one component of your [...]

3 11, 2020

Dental X-Rays: Get the Real Picture!

By |2020-08-01T12:53:10-07:00November 3rd, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Dental X-Rays: Get the Real Picture!

Critical for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning X-Rays help pinpoint problems and avoid further complications. People are often concerned that they're receiving too much radiation from X-Rays, so it's important to understand why the benefits of X-Rays (taken at reasonable intervals) far outweigh the concerns! The purpose of X-Rays is to pinpoint problems and avoid further [...]

1 09, 2020

Be Careful with Toothpicks

By |2020-07-03T13:46:46-07:00September 1st, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Be Careful with Toothpicks

Toothpicks Can Cause Dental Injury and More Toothpicks are quick and convenient when food debris is stuck between teeth, however, they're also a common cause of dental injury. Because they are so sharp, toothpicks can damage the gums and other soft tissue when used carelessly. They are somewhat ineffective, often pushing debris farther between teeth [...]

25 08, 2020

Time for a New Toothbrush?

By |2020-07-03T13:40:21-07:00August 25th, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Time for a New Toothbrush?

If it's been a while since you replaced your toothbrush, it may be time to look for signs of aging. If it is badly worn or frayed, it may be doing more harm than good. If you are unsure about the state of your toothbrush, just bring it in at your next appointment and we [...]

8 07, 2020

Dr. Bellamy: “Living Our Values”

By |2020-07-07T14:18:42-07:00July 8th, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Dr. Bellamy: “Living Our Values”

Read a story about Dr. Bellamy, as recently featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Impressions—a publication for alumni and friends of Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. The article, "Living Our Values," details how Dr. Bellamy discovered his passion for dentistry as a high school student growing up in Sacramento. He [...]

7 07, 2020

After COVID-19…

By |2020-07-07T14:15:11-07:00July 7th, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on After COVID-19…

Welcome Back! We're here for your health and safety. We hope you have been well through these past couple of months. We cannot wait to see you again as the shelter in place restrictions continue to loosen. The COVID-19 crisis has affected nearly every member of our community. And, when our dental office was closed [...]

9 06, 2020

Toothpaste, Before The Tube

By |2020-04-21T11:40:30-07:00June 9th, 2020|Patient Education|Comments Off on Toothpaste, Before The Tube

How Product Packaging Improved Oral Health You might think tubes would make an obvious package for toothpaste, but the first toothpaste in a tube wasn't sold till 1892. These kinds of containers had been around for 50 years but were only used for storing oil paints. Most folks associated collapsible tubes with "Burnt Umber" or [...]