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17 04, 2018

Perils of a Bad Bite

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TMJ & Malocclusion No, we're not talking about being attacked by a junkyard dog. That's perilous enough. The bite in question here is your own bite—the way your lower teeth and your upper teeth come together. A bad bite can be responsible for several woes you might not necessarily connect, like headaches, unsightly teeth and [...]

10 04, 2018

Your Hormones

By | 2018-03-18T23:02:50+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Periodontics|Comments Off on Your Hormones

And Periodontal Disease Women of all ages are prone to changing levels of progesterone in the body. And progesterone—especially when you are pregnant or taking oral contraceptives—causes some bacteria to grow in awesome numbers. Unfortunately, the bacteria associated with gum disease are among them. Are you taking progesterone medication? Tell us if these ring a [...]

3 04, 2018

Don’t Hide That Smile

By | 2018-03-18T22:58:45+00:00 April 3rd, 2018|Cosmetic Dentistry|Comments Off on Don’t Hide That Smile

Are stained, chipped, or crooked teeth cramping your smile? Years Ago, the only solution for unattractive teeth was disguising them with crowns. Today, we've got better options in porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening. Take porcelain veneers for example, thanks to recent improvements in dental materials and technology, these "instant orthodontics" are easy, painless, [...]

27 03, 2018

Your Health History

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Keep Us Informed of Any Changes! If it's been a little while since your last appointment, then don't forget to update your health history. Your dental care is part of your total health-care package. Have you: experienced any new allergies or sensitivities? quit smoking (or started)? begun taking new medications, even over-the-counter drugs? had any [...]

20 03, 2018

Do I Need Antibiotics?

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Before Dental Procedures? Know the Guidelines If in the past your doctor has prescribed antibiotics before you had dental work, don't assume that your future holds more such meds. The guidelines may have changed since your last appointment… so check with your family doctor or cardiologist to learn if premedication is necessary for you. For [...]

13 03, 2018

Too Much Sugar…

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What is the Risk from Sugar? The diet of today is the result of a 50-year increase in consumption of the rapidly absorbed sugars—specifically, soft drinks, commercial juices, candy, and easily digested sugar foods such as cakes, cookies, etc. This change has generally gone unnoticed by consumers, until very recently it has been unquestionably assumed [...]

6 03, 2018


By | 2018-03-05T17:32:42+00:00 March 6th, 2018|Preventative|Comments Off on Bruxism

The Unknown Habit It's such a common habit, yet most of the time we never know we're doing it. Not cracking your knuckles or biting fingernails, but intense clenching and grinding of your teeth—known in dental terminology as bruxism. The reason this phenomenon goes unnoticed so often is that "grinders" usually perform when they're sleeping. [...]

27 02, 2018

Knocked Out a Tooth?

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Cheat The Tooth Fairy We sure can try, but your help is needed, and the most important word is TIME. When a permanent tooth is knocked out, the less time it is out of the mouth the better. In fact, the best results are obtained when the tooth is replaced within 30 minutes! A parent [...]

20 02, 2018

When Having a Baby…

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You've got the glow of a mother-to-be. Keep it with these tips for better oral health for you and your baby. Now you're eating (and brushing, flossing and keeping dental appointments) for two. Make an appointment at the outset of your pregnancy for a healthy head start and advice on changes that could lead to [...]

13 02, 2018

Where Did the Pain Go?

By | 2018-01-29T23:42:48+00:00 February 13th, 2018|Patient Education|Comments Off on Where Did the Pain Go?

The Reality is, Today's Dentistry is Virtually Painless There's a bright new trend in dental offices these days: More people are making appointments because they want to, not because they have to. What is it about a visit to the dentist that feels this good? One simple, wonderful fact: In most cases, the pain is [...]